Easy Returns is a facility provided to our loyal users by EXAMCAB.COM  directly under this policy in terms of which the option of exchange, replacement and/ or refund is offered by EXAMCAB.COM  to all our users. All products listed under a particular category may not have the same returns policy. For all products, the policy on the product page shall prevail over the general returns policy. Do refer the respective item’s applicable return policy on the product page also. 


EXAMCAB.COM offers 7 days Standard Easy Return / Replacement policy for “Buyer Protection“. Under this policy user can claim Exchange / Return / Replacement / Refund for any item with full BuyerProtection only for “Genuine Cause” in which uses have the option to exchange, replacement and/ or refund is offered by EXAMCAB.



➡ Return or Replacement request for any order Item should be raised within 7 days of receiving the product.

➡ For any wrong item delivered / damaged / missing product, the return request should be filed within 2 days of receiving the product for expedite action.

➡ After receiving the Return Shipment in our fulfilment centre, EXAMCAB will initiate Return / Replacement as per user’s requests. But our fulfilment centre may refused to accept the Return / Replacement if any of the mentioned conditions are not fulfilled.

➡ Return / Replacement of Product will depend upon the availability of the product, In-case if the item is “Out of Stock” in such cases users need to wait sometime for Replacement or can get Partial refund as per the Policy Standards.

➡ If the item received in damaged condition in our fulfilment centre, we may Refund Partial Amount or may not be under any liabilities to process the refund / replacement. If our fulfilment centre considers any settlement amount, it will reflect in the same Bank Account within 0 – 07 Business Days.

➡ The Return Package must have the same original packaging, unused condition including labels with all required papers. While Returning any product to EXAMCAB warehouse users need to pack the item properly to avoid damaged in Transit.
➡ No Return / Replacement / Refund will be applicable during the product shortage i.e. during crisis. During this phase if any item is sold will not be refundable under any conditions & no requests will be entertained.

➡ Order by mistake/ Order in error is strictly not covered under “Return / Replacement” policy.



✔ Wrong item delivered.

✔ Wrong quantity delivered / Missing products.

✔ Old version delivered (Based on Order Details)

✔ Item Defective Damaged.
✔ Order Cancellation Before Shipment/ Exchange / Return before shipment. 



✘ If the products are in used / tampered condition.

✘ If the product is returned without original Packaging (tags, labels, etc.).

✘ If the product claim is not same as description.

✘ For Damaged / Missing product that is reported after 2 days of the delivery.

✘ For Products sold under promotions, will not be acceptable under return / replacement.

EXAMCAB.COM ensures that your order is safely delivered to you within the estimated time span, but it may delay sometime depends on the courier partner’s availability. However, if you have ordered a wrong product you may cancel the order before shipment without any deduction. A cancellation request cannot be made after your order is dispatched through logistic. While cancelling the orders, users need to contact us through E-mail or Helpline, if the item was not despatched, You can get Refund in the same bank account within 7 Days or More.


All the Return / Replacement request will be validated by EXAMCAB.COM executives. After approval, we may arrange pickup of the product from your door step if it is under the service area by our logistic partners. But If our reverse pickup service is not available on your address, we may ask you to dispatch the product. The courier charges will be reimbursed by EXAMCAB either through Bank account or by Cash.


After receiving the product, it is verified against your claim and accordingly, Replacement or Refund is initiated. Please note that Replacement / Return will not acceptable if the claim is not proper or same.


Full Refund is nothing but the amount which was originally paid by the users/buyers. EXAMCAB generally encourage users/buyers to buy any products with Buyer Protection under specific conditions apply.
✔ If, users purchased any item and want cancel the item before despatching the order can get full refund.

✔ If any wrong item / quantity delivered to the users / buyers by EXAMCAB, will be accepted under Full refund / Replacement depends on the present situation after investigating the case by EXAMCAB.

✔ If any Defective Product was delivered (Based on Order Verification) will also be accepted under Ful Refund Criteria. 


The term ‘Reimburse’ includes the price of the reverse shipping charge cost (up to maximum Rs 50 /-) which was paid by buyers in ‘Self Shipping’ for returning of the item under certain conditions apply in “Return / Replacement Criteria”. The case of ‘Self Shipping’ arises when we cannot arrange reverse pick up facility for buyers and in that case customers have to ship the product by themselves for refund or replacement of the product. Under “Reimburse” conditions only the Return Logistic Charges will be provided to the end users up to maximum Rs. 50/- after verification of the logistic courier partner courier sleep.


A Partial amount is nothing but the part of your payment excluding both way shipping charges & processing fees. When you returned an item, your refunded amount will be allocated by our fulfilment centres and it may vary based on the actual condition of the products.

If, any problems occurred by our fulfilment centres in such cases users will get Full Refund under Buyer Protection Policy. Apart from this conditions, in other cases a partial amount will be allocated depends on the actual scenario.

While issuing the Partial refund the deduction will be based on the present condition of the products. Our fulfilment centres has the right to deduct those charges as per policy standards. Under this Partial Refund our fulfilment centres can deduct the following charges listed below:
✔ Forward & Reverse shipping charges.
✔ Payment gateway transaction charges.
✔ Processing charges.
✔ Item damaged charges.

EXAMCAB.COM offers 07 days easy Return / Replacement policy for “Buyer Protection“. Under this policy user can claim Return / Replacement for any item with full Buyer Protection only for “Genuine Cause” in which uses have the option to exchange, replacement and/ or refund is offered by EXAMCAB.COM


The term ‘SUCCESSFUL RETURN’ implies completion of following stages like:
1.Successful receiving of returned product
2.Thorough investigation of the received product whether the product received is damaged or not
3.Upon completion of the previous two stages REFUND process will be initiated which may take time from 48hours to 72 hours or more. In addition to this if buyer filled the despatch address improperly or entered invalid contact information ‘NO RETURN REQUEST’ will be accepted.

We mainly operate through third party courier service providers and ‘India Post’ and ‘Fedex’ are leading among them and they have ‘Return Pick up Facility’ in certain Pin codes. If ‘Return Request’ arises from available service pin codes of above mentioned two premier organisations, or any other private owned logistic partners we will try to arrange the ‘Pick Up Facility’ for buyers. But if no return peak up service is available then users need to despatch the item through own courier as per EXAMCAB experts guidelines after lodging the return requests.

Under User’s Return System the buyer has to place return request within 48 hours upon receiving the product and self ship the product through any courier and have to send the tracking id details and photograph of the courier receipt to our specifically entitled ‘Official E-mail Id’ and WhatsApp or any other helpline number given on EXAMCAB website. But before despatching the return courier users  or buyers needs to get approval of the return shipment with Return shipment Token No. which will be generated by EXAMCAB executives for authorisation of Refund / Replacement. If no return token no. is authorized users will not eligible for Refund / Replacement. While returning any product user’s need to package the item properly for the product safety.

Upon receiving the product buyers are requested to examine the product immediately, if any discrepancy found  like damaged product ,different product which was ordered in that case please immediately contact with us through official e-mail id and WhatsApp, helpline number and raise the return request. After raising return request either candidate has to self ship the product or we will arrange ‘PICK UP’ facility in some cases. But before despatching the return courier users  or buyers needs to get approval of the return shipment with Return shipment Token No. which will be generated manually by EXAMCAB executives for authorisation of Refund / Replacement. If no return token no. is authorized users will not eligible for Refund / Replacement.

Dispute on Return arises in several cases.
Here we give you some of the points on which ‘Return Request’ dispute may arise,

1.‘Return Request’ some time raised due to delay in delivery. In this case we follow some standard operating procedures. If the place is located in remote part of the country As we operate through third party courier partners we have to investigate the matter and raise it to the higher authorities of the respective courier companies and if it is found that no mistakes are made from our side ‘Return Request’ will not be accepted.

2.‘Return Request’ will not be accepted and ‘Complete Refund Request’ will  not be initiated if the shipped product from buyer is received in damaged condition. In this case we will initiate ‘Partial Refund Request’ and the amount to be refunded completely depends on the condition of the product.

3.If ‘Return Request’ is raised arbitrarily without following the points mentioned in ‘LODGE SUCCESSFUL RETURN REQUEST’ we will cancel the return request and buyer cannot claim any refund from us.

4.If ‘Return Request’ is raised for not getting product we will depend upon the data provided by our third party logistics partner. If it is found that the delivery boy of respective logistic company attempted to reach the customer in every possible ways like ‘calling the customer’, ‘not found anyone’ in the mentioned address in that case ‘Return Request’ will not be accepted .That’s why we always request our customers to full up the shipping address with utmost care and always mentioned mobile number in working condition through which we can contact them.

In this case a major factor arise on which the question of whole return system depends they are 1.The Product is received in damaged condition, 2. The Product received is different from what was ordered. If these conditions arise buyer have to make a small video of the product and take a clear picture of the product and send it to our entitled official e-mail id and WhatsApp number. After this we will investigate the matter whether the fault is arisen from our side or mishandling by our third party courier service provider, if it is found that the product is damaged due to mishandling by our courier partners we will have to take up the matter with them and in this case completion of the Return Request and refund may take some time and it is not practically possible to specify the time in these type of cases. So, in these type of cases we request buyers to keep patience because at the end of the day we will always stand beside our loyal and genuine customers and it is our duty.

If the returned product is received within the 10 days of the delivery we will investigate the received product and if the received product is found to be in good condition we will initiate the process of refunding within 48-72 hours. If the product received in damaged condition no refund process will be initiated without communication with customers .

Upon thoroughly examining the returned product  from buyer we either initiate the process of replacement or Refund process within 48-72 hours. In Refund we will refund ‘the price of the product and shipping charge up to maximum Rs 80 -/’.If buyers follow the procedures which are clearly mentioned in ‘EASY RETURN’ page we pledge them good and smooth service from our end.