Examcab is an Indian product on a mission to innovate the tracks of education in different ways increasing the growth chances for students all over the country. We stand for quality services, thus all our motto is to provide complete sets of competitive exams held throughout the country.

How it Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. First, create your account on Roadbucket.com
  2. Then, apply for Affiliate.
  3. Your account goes to review,
  4. after review your account approved or declined.
  5. if the account is approved then generate your link.
  6. share generate a link .
  7. and earn.



When purchases are complete. after complete the purchase your share money is transferred in an account , phonepe , google pay.*All money transfer 7 business days.

All payout will be done on 7th of each month once it verified by Examcab.com.

Examcab has a 7 day cancellation/return policy. Hence products ordered through your affiliate links might get canceled or returned within 7 days of ordering. We make payments to the affiliates only for products which are not returned in these 7 days.

The cookie placed in your visitors website lasts 30 days.

Yes! You own your data and are securely stored. We don’t use your data for any reason!

No! It’s free of cost! Also, our training and support are completely free of cost.

From your affiliate account you can track the conversions. It will be reflected in your affiliate panel whenever a conversion is made through affiliate link. You can access the overview of these conversions on the Dashboard section and have a detailed analysis in the Clicks Report, Conversion Report or Sub-Affiliate reports.

Affiliates have an option of receiving payment via.  Bank Transfer, UPI , Wallet.

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